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Two-headed nickel


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Sooner or later we all hear about a novice who runs across a two-headed (or two-tailed) coin and wants to know how much it is worth. Well, remember, we all have our 'novice' moments :ninja:


Did you know that they *can* be genuine? I was surprised too. According to Mike Beyers, some 30 two-headed or two-tailed coins have been certified genuine by ANACS, PCGS or NGC, including three US two-tailed coins (http://www.minterrornews.com/issue2.pdf). Not sure whether anyone can certify whether it was a genuine mistake loading two dies of the same side, but that is another issue.


More than likely, that two-headed coin is a common novelty made by drilling out one side, shaving down another and inserting it in the shell of the first - like this one...





Still...ya never know ;)

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Hahaha, I have seen so many of those "magicians" coins. I don't know if I can tell the difference between a genuine error one or such. :ninja:



I have several myself having been a close up magician

Some of these coins are incredably good like like an englis halfcrown

I have

There are also expanded shells that will fit over any normal coin

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Ah, I can see where it "popped" in.


Yes because you know and because the coin is not in motion

But be assured in ones hand and kept in motion it is invisible

The pic the scan shows is like a 10X magnification

I have some real and fake and I had to shake them to be sure which

was the real and wich was the fake

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