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  1. Very nice scans, thanks for showing!
  2. Thank you very much for your recommendations! That's very helpful!
  3. My two kids (8 and 5) are collecting and hunting for quarters. Now they have approx. 150 in total. I was looking for an easy way to get them sorted. Do you know the protector pages I attached? Is it easy for kids to get the coins in and out without hassle and destroying the sheets? Thanks!
  4. Welcome and greetings to Turkey!
  5. Russian coins are very interesting. I have one in my collection but I have no idea what it is. I'll take a picture of it the next days to add it here.
  6. I would't go to small even when it cause memory capacity!
  7. The link isn't working! What I'm doing wrong?
  8. L1v3Av@aR - your website www.coolthingstolookat.com dosn't work anymore.
  9. Pennies are a nice thing. My little son also collects pennies and quarters. It brings him great joy!
  10. Hi enjoy this great forum. I'm also a rookie and it's fun to read and post here.
  11. I think he has done something wrong while uploading. I use direct upload or photobucket.
  12. Welcome the same happened to me. I inherited some coins and after I became a ripoff victim I started to gather information about my other coins. Luckily I sold only two coins so the damage wasn't that grave. Enjoy the community it's a great place for rookies like you and me.
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