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  1. have the same but do have an IMPORTANT question- got my hands on Paul's re coining but what's bugging me is how 1796 10 kopeks turned out to be under 1793 5 kopeks shouldn't it to be other way around??? thank you in advance Alexei
  2. got nice lady from local post office saved 15 out of 29 Olympic 50 pence coins for me
  3. Oh yes, by the way what is the realistic price for 5 golden roubles from 1852? Thank you
  4. Hello fellow collectors. I decided to dig deep into my pocket and purchase 5 golden roubles from the rein of Nicholas the 1st. Ended up paying 615 British Pounds or about 950 dollars and I am yet to receive it. But I was wondering if you can give me heads up- what to expect to spot if it was a fake or not, apart from weight and diameter I know nothing on this matter as this coins were always too expensive for me. Also did anybody used MIZAR M24 gold tester to determine the gold level /fineness- are they any good or will they damage the coin when testing? Thank you in advance. Alex
  5. Bobh, thank you for all your help, I only wishing it to be genuine and wanted to make sure that I am starting my collection with real coins. Yes I have read the post about 10 rubles and that's why I decided to ask. Thank you very much!!!
  6. although coin seems uncleaned all edge letters are black and through microscope it seems that it filled with too much dirt
  7. On Kazakov's reference it is identical to number 14
  8. Thank you very much, previous image is a copper particles, coin images will post later but I need to get a better quality images as ones I got now is a bit blurry. weight of the coin- 8.6gramms, my suspicions based on a fact that side with year and 10 rubles and crest are almost uncirculated but other side with Nicolas II seemed circulated well with marks and dents.
  9. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, had the pleasure of purchasing 1903 10 rubles a week ago or so from dealer in Israel and today I received microscope and decided to examine my russian gold coins ( I have only 4 including 10 rubles) To my surprise all 3 "5 rubles" had even surface but 10 rubles in question had tiny green particles on the face here and there and way too many on the side- all the way around. Is it normall for 10 roubles or am I got a fake? Thank you in advance
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