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  1. There are as many approaches to collecting as there are collectors. Some people want to be captivated by their coins; they want to look at a coin and appreciate the fine details of the engraving, the beautiful luster, or toning that eminates from the coin without the intrusion of scratches, hairlines or other detracting features. Similarly, those who appreciate fine artwork would like to see the painting in all its glorious details: the subtle design elements, the colors, etc. without having their enjoyment marred by waterstains, areas of dirt, etc. These are the folks who seek the highest
  2. This is another Hesselgesser coin that I also bought in 2004 in a Superior auction. The Russians at that auction were grabbing proofs right and left. This coin was sandwiched between two expensive proofs, and I managed to sneak in my bid for $7500 and pick it up. It didn't seem like the Russians were ready at that point to go big bucks for mint state coins, even though this 1826 may be the finest known. It's in an NGC MS67 slab. As you say, this type is hard to find in unc, and the 1826 is the scarcest of the variety. Actually both varieties of the 1826 are scarce. I don't think anyone knows h
  3. The proof 1921 and 1922 RSFSR roubles are high priced now a days. Some years ago, I purchased the Heifetz 1922 Proof "AG" rouble from one of the Superior Hesselgesser auctions. Heifetz (Superior, Dec. 1989) had a complete 1922 proof set containing the AG and PL specimens of the poltina and the rouble. In the Hesselgesser sale, they sold them individually. As I said, I paid $1900 for the "AG" proof (NGC PF66 - a beautiful red-toned specimen "http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=909401"), but someone paid $4900 for the "PL" specimen, NGC PF65. I couldn't figure out why that one went for so
  4. Bob, he says this is "NGC Certified," which is a highly misleading, so right away this is a fraudulent auction that Ebay should stop. The buyer would be expecting to get this coin in an NGC slab, and that would influence his/her bid. So the whole auction should be deleted. But as many times as I've complained to Ebay about frauds, I don't think they have ever done anything about them. Does NGC do a full counterfeit investigation if a coin is obviously damaged and returned as a "No Grade?" I guess that is the question. The seller could claim that, in simply returning the coin, NGC has "cert
  5. I've got the Hesselgesser (Kardatzke) catalog for sale on Ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...bayphotohosting
  6. Gothic florins are relatively inexpensive. Your prices refer to Gothic CROWNS, not florins, which, while not really rare, are VERY popular and so are quite expensive for their rarity. A Gothic Florin in nice BU (NOT MS65 OR MORE) might cost you around $600. A real 'MS65' might cost $1000. If it had beautiful toning, the sky's the limit.
  7. Hi Steve. I'm a fellow RNS member. One thing you said caught my attention: "Know what something is worth...". How does one do that in today's Russian coin market? For example, I was interested in the gorgeous 1803 Rouble in the recently completed UBS auction 74. Estimate was CHF 7500. I know it would go for "more," but CHF 40,000??? Yikes. How can anyone know what something is worth today. A 1901 poltina in an NGC PF67 holder with beautiful toning, estimate CHF 1500 (!) went for CHF 30,000!!!! 20 times estimate. I mean being conservative with the estimates if one thing; being that far off mean
  8. What about proof Nicholas II (or other) roubles Bob? In the 2000 Hesselgesser sale, I thought $3000+ was outrageous for the proofs. Now it seems, the sky's the limit for any nice proof Russian banco silver. Slabbed 66 or (G-d forbid 67) proof roubles can go for $20,000! Oh well, a PF65 Gothic Crown (rainbow toning) went for $36,000 on a $6,000 estimate, and a relatively common Y322 China YSK "High Hat" republic dollar went for $9,000 on a $750 estimate! And what about the Moneti I Medalii auctions? I can't believe those prices (oh, that's right - they're in roubles).
  9. I also think the coin looks a bit odd, even for the long ribbon variety. For one thing, and I've seen other examples of this, the central spike of the shield does not usually extend to the crown on the long ribbon variety; but on some of this variety, perhaps transitional, I've seen, there is a vestige of the extended spike as on this coin. Also, the zero in the date looks a bit more rounded than on other 1830's. There is also something that looks like a die break extending from the ribbon down to the 8 in the date. That might be a real die break or something created by a counterfeiter. Can't
  10. The front of the Kardatzke catalog says, "and selections from the Dr. Robert Hesselgesser collection of Russian Coins." The lots are not othewise identified in the Russian section, as coming from Hesselgesser. Goldberg had several other sales that featured some of the unsold coins from the first auction, and other new ones. There were other, non-Goldberg sales of Hesselgesser's Russian coins. Superior had three sales, January, 2004, May30, 2004 and one other, I think: The Russian Collections, which featured Hesselgesser's Russian coins, again some of the unsold coins from earlier auctions. H
  11. I will chime in here. As a collector, I strive for coins that catch my eye. This makes it difficult for me to buy coins from all periods as really nice unc coins from early periods are prohibitively expensive. So I try to get nice coins within my price range that really excite me. I have been able to buy a few Russian coins that filled the "bill" so to speak, at a time before the craze for Russian coins really took hold. Right now, I probably couldn't afford the several Russian coins I own. But I vew TPG as an aid when looking through a large number of coins. Without getting into the details a
  12. marv

    1 Rouble 1921-1922

    Here is a picture of my 1922 proof rouble referred to earlier. A nice proof rouble like this is easily worth over $2000 today, maybe $3000.
  13. Bob, here is another fake 12 Rubles platinum. I have seen so many of these lately. This one is already up to $202!. I have complained to Ebay twice on this auction, and they have so far done nothing. Perhaps if you added your voice. The seller says he, "...is not an expert in coins." I mentioned that, if he were really sure he had a genuine coin, he could send it for grading to PCGS or NGC, and, if genuine, it would be worth thousands of dollars. He replied, "...what is PCGS and NGC?" Here is the auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 Thanks, Marv Fi
  14. marv

    1 Rouble 1921-1922

    Concerning proof star rubles, the Heifetz and Goodman sales (Superior) both had several proof sets of 1921 and 22. These were split up, and have been offered at various times by Superior and the Goldbergs during the Hesselgesser sales of the last few years. I bought the Heifetz 1922 AG proof for around $1900. It is in an NGC PF66 slab, and truely is an outstanding coin. It may or may not mean anything that it is the highest graded example at NGC, and PCGS (I think). Interestingly enough, the same Superior sale (January 2004) featured the 1922 PL proof from the same Heifetz set as my AG; it wen
  15. Looks genuine to me. Check out this link: http://www.numismat.ru/cgi-bin/encatalog.cgi?year=1862 But I don't know how you tell if the picture is really from the seller. I guess you could try the Paypal buyer protection plan. I would stay away from risky sellers like this for a purchase of $1200 plus dollars.
  16. This coin looks like someone took a Brillo pad to it. Personally, I would rather have a coin that has wear but has not had the harsh cleaning. I only buy coins that give me pleasure when I take them out to look at, but that's just my particular philosophy. It means that I don't buy a lot of coins since, in some cases, a nice looking coin may be beyond my budget. But I am not dying to buy coins. The coins I do have give me pleasure to look at year after year. I don't have to make excuses like, "...it's a nice coin except for all those hairlines..." One thing about silver as opposed to gold coin
  17. I love Victorian coins. I try to get them in the best possible mint state or proof condition to enjoy the wonderful engraving (Wyon, for the most part). So far, a nice YH Crown has eluded me. The best I ever saw was priced outrageously, so I didn't buy it. I have the following Victorian coins: 1847 Gothic Crown PCGS PF64 (old green holder - today a 65 probably) 1848 Penny Choice RB Unc 1848 Pattern Florin One Centum Reverse GEM Proof (raw PF67) 1850 Half Crown Superb GEM UNC (raw MS66-67) (finest known?) 1854 Penny Choice RB Unc 1855 Half Penny Superb Gem Brn (raw MS67) 1861 Shil
  18. I haven't see a Three Graces pattern auctioned in some time. Anyone know of one for sale, or can estimate how much one might cost at this time? I have heard various estimates of the known number, originally 50 I blieve, but I wonder how many are still around. Since I especially love the work of Wyon, I was wondering whether there were any forums that specialize in a particular engraver (e.g., Simon, Wyon, Pistrucci, etc)? Thanks.
  19. I feel lucky to have acquired it. It came up between two proofs in the "Russian Classics" Superior auction in June of 2004. The Russians were paying crazy prices for proofs, and I never thought I would be able to get this coin. It went above estimate, but not absurdly like the proofs. So I got lucky. I have become a student of "Wings Down" coins since then, and I have never seen another coin in this date that even came close to the condition of this one. One doesn't see many mint state Wings Down roubles in any event. There are a few proofs that have appeared, and naturally these tend to be be
  20. I'll start this off with my 1826 NGC MS67 (Hesselgesser) rouble.
  21. I hadn't visited the Conros site before. Thanks for providing the link. Is it possible to search through all the auctions for specific coins/dates? I am looking for history for any 1826 Nicholas I roubles (rubles?). (By the way, what IS the accepted spelling in English for a Rouble (Ruble)?) Also, I notice that "Coin People" is/are using my 5 Kopek Novodel picture on the home page at far right. This coin is listed in my collection in OmniCoin. I think it would be nice to credit the collection along with the picture. Nobody asked for permission (it's not really necessary - but would be nice
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