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  1. I think the $42/oz is reference back to the price of gold when the US came off of the gold standard in the early 1970s.
  2. Yes, you are right. The raised parts at the base of the caribou is from the die cracking and chipping away over time. Canadian mintages are so much lower than US, I'm sure they don't use nearly as many dies either. Is there a "P" on the obverse?
  3. Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban has some thoughts on that: http://www.blogmaverick.com/entry/1234000250045776/
  4. Essentially dateless, so I gave it an F-2. I looked through the various books I have to see what they had to say about what constitutes "fair". The ANA Grading guide doesn't mention Fair, but does state on page 23 for "About Good" that "the date is barely readable". Not sure if this qualifies or not. The Red Book doesn't mention Fair. Brown and Dunn mention both About Good and Fair, but both are stricter than applied today. My 1962 edition of the "Blue Book" mentions Fair but not About Good. Go figure. It'd be an interesting study to see when both of these terms made it into mainstrea
  5. I received in the mail Saturday " The Fantasitic Story of the 1965 Canadian Dollar Varieties", which is a pamphlet-size reprint of an article from the Oct. 6, 1965 issue of Coin World. It has as about a dozen photos of the various diagnostics for the three known (at the time) varieties.
  6. If you collect woods, you have to check it out: http://www.wooden-nickel.org/ Not my site, but some good historical info.
  7. I voted ms-60, but the rim looks iffy. it may just be the pics. I'd also give it a PL. I hope it looks that good in person, the luster is nice, just way too many hits to Libery's face.
  8. Glad to see the site back on-line! I'd not posted to the old site in quite a while, but now that I have more time back in my life it'll be nice to catch-up with everyone.
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