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  1. Wowww... how do the companies grade the luster and... ruster... of some of those steelies?
  2. I don't know why one of us smart alecs didn't take the names already
  3. What is the third one? A broadstrike?
  4. Anyway, I, like the rest of the contestants, got it wrong. We all guessed $76. Its one of those questions I was so confident about, I spent no time thinking about it and just blurted out an answer.
  5. I noticed when I checked yesterday
  6. Tonight's Final Jeopardy category: U.S. Money Math. Now, I've read a few discussions about a topic you are very very good at being the Final Jeopardy category. Assuming you have an unbeatable lead, do you bet it all assuming it really is a question you know easily? Or do you wager conservatively? With this category, I would have bet it all. The answer (question) was: The total face value, in dollars, of current circulating US notes with presidents on their faces. I paraphrased a bit, but that's the gist of it.
  7. I actually have very few aesthetically pleasing lincolns. :-/
  8. I don't hate them or love them. I'm just... not around them. Thanks for sharing these photos. I'm really glad I got to see such great examples
  9. I agree... keep, Art. maybe make it "ART" instead of "Art"
  10. Jeez... must be frustrating to have a perfect set and still be tied with 100 others..
  11. You're braver than me... Sticking with good ol' Made in the US of A coins.
  12. amazing. is it an obsession with perfection? or being the best? or over-weighting the importance of a number?
  13. Wowww!!! I can't believe folks find circulation coins that reach MS70!
  14. What's the price differential b/t a 69 and 70?
  15. I love the ones that are significantly off-centered but not the ones that are slightly. Why? Because I want a nice representative of the design/date for my collection and I will notice if it's not well-centered. Whereas a significantly off-centered one indicates that the production process failed.
  16. Did you get that gorgeous coin slabbed or in this year's set?
  17. She's a beaut! Did you buy her slabbed?
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