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  1. I'm conflicted. I have several series I've been working on for a decade (or two???) now because 1) I don't get to go to shops or shows more than once a year and 2) I like the hunt. I know I could find all of the coins I want online, but I like searching the tables and the shops for that perfect one. Not "perfect" as in MS-70, but... "the one".

    Anywho, it's frustrating at times because I won't make any progress towards completing them. But I don't want to buy overpriced slabs from Heritage.

  2. On 9/22/2018 at 6:06 PM, Steve D'Ippolito said:

    I showed a friend of mine the 1909 cent and he launched off on a tirade about how he never finds stuff like that.

    The very next day he found a very, very worn 1924 dime on the sidewalk.

    I tell people this now at club meetings and tell them if the want to rant and rave at me about how they never find cool stuff, I am here to serve.



  3. Oh my my my my... This forum hasn't seen a post like this in ages. Thank you so much for the pics and the story. Please keep sharing!!

    I haven't been to a real coin show in forever. My favorite one (the only real one I've ever been to) is the Whitman Coin Show in Baltimore. Three times a year and I've been busy each of those weekends for the last few years. It truly brings a tear to my eye. I wish I could find another show that could stand in for that show...


  4. August 11, 2018 - James B. Longacre - Designer of many, many iconic U.S. coinage designs



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