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DAJ    0



Hi - Here is the link to a good looking coin. Can anyone provide information on what a lomination is? The seller makes it sound as though it is good news.


Other thoughts and experiences on making a Peter II purchase as welcome as well.


Thanks and best to all. DAJ

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alexbq2    0

I think the seller is referring to that crack on the obverse. Not sure if it is a good thing, but it is somewhat indicative that the coin is genuine. I think lamination is a planchet defect that is hard to reproduce, although high pressure casting can create something that from a distance would look like a lamination crack.

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squirrel    0

Lamination is actually used to describe "de-lamination"


It is not a crack as such, but the silver had an imperfection, due to impurity or improper melting/cooling that causes a small amount of flakiness in the metal. The imperfection is on the surface, not all the way through the coin. This seems to be seen frequently on Peter II roubles, (at least i have seen a few, because i own one with a small laminations, i look for it, and was also curious about its origin and cause)


Think puff pastry or layers or filo dough. the layers, or laminations, can be pulled apart. It is good that the de-laminated part is still attached to the coin.


I have siberian copper with some delaminated portions... I will scan and post soon. My Peter II ruble is on omnicoin, and you can see that one as well. look at behind peter's head.



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