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  1. This is a plan for making a movie series about the 19th.century coins of europe.
  2. Hi! Still looking for materials, comments, critics. regards Dan
  3. Hi! After waiting 3 years I got my Nicholaus coronation Rouble at last!
  4. Hi! I've bought these a week ago. Well, these coins are not rare but I like the coat of arms designs
  5. I have seen this site on the net which has several fakes. Some of them looks perfect have a look http://antiques-fake.blogspot.com/
  6. Thanks for commenting I post the link of the coin which is ended now. You can see all picture there. http://gyujtemeny.vatera.hu/erme_penz_papirpenz/kulfoldi_penzerme/europa/cari_orosz_rubel_1877_extra_szep_unc_1518340256.html there is another one interesting coin too I would like to show from the same seller. Please have a look. I don't know anything much about this one because i've never had. The other thing is about the seller that he has some other coins which looks a bit suspicious not just to me ( Greece Drachma and some old Germany Thaler) One thing is that a lot of coins he had have the same color and patina. http://gyujtemeny.vatera.hu/erme_penz_papirpenz/kulfoldi_penzerme/europa/cari_orosz_rubel_1829_extra_szep_1518340238.html Thanks for answering me
  7. Hi! I found this on an auction site. Is anybody can prove its authenticity? The lower part of the B letter in the Rouble word looks odd to me because the two part doesn't meet up. Thanks For Help
  8. Hi Guys! I found these two item on a hungarian auction site. Is anybody can help me to examine these coins? The end of the feather seems to be puffy to me on both coins. I didn't find the same issue all over the internet. http://erme-penz.vatera.hu/kulfoldi_penzerme/oroszorszag/rubel_1857_cpb_180260057.html http://erme-penz.vatera.hu/kulfoldi_penzerme/oroszorszag/rubel_1838_cpb_180256200.html Thanks Voomer
  9. Hi Is anybody know anything about the prices in Russia? I would like to know how much does a silver rouble worth in the 19th. and 20th century. Regards
  10. A friend of mine found this coin with two other roman coins in the yard. Is anybody anything about this coin?
  11. This is the one which I bought on the weekend. It seems to be easy to get 50 kopeks from 1912,1913,1914 but hard to find anything before 1910.
  12. Hi I bought this coin on the weekend with some other and making a before and after shots to see the differencies between the cleaning. The coin was cleaned by silver bath. Any idea on how to clean out the little deep details like the ear, the rim and the letters?
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