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    Coaching inline hockey,guns,handloading,target shooting,cooking,martial arts. To many to list......just started the coin thing.LOL.....I love it.
  1. I just got back from my local coin shop and purchased a 1936a 5 reichmark XF with a swastika for 10 usd. Woweeeeeeeeee!
  2. I use the 2006 edition alot right now but am going to get the current Red Book today .........I think it is much better.
  3. Bangbang

    State Quarters

    It would be nice to find Wisconsins varieties in my pocket change. I am purchasing rolls from the bank. Hope to find one. I understand they are worth up to 450 usd.
  4. Well.....maybe he was thinking that they would be worth somethin in a 100 or more years. I wish my dad,grandfather, grandfather,and grat granddads had saved there coins. I am. Especailly silver and I hope to get some coins from Lebanon and Syria. My father inlaw was from Lebanon and my great great grandfather knew Jesse James.
  5. I hope no one gets offended. She is completely americanized and had no control over where she was born or how was raised. She does think our Justice System sucks........and is very annoyed that we fill our prisons with known killers and spend money on them rather than just put them to death. Ok.....enough of that. I am going to call my sister inlaw and see if she has any of these coins. She collects USA coins and proof sets.
  6. I am looking for an inexpensive coin with a swastika on it. Any suggestions? I wish my mother inlaw had saved some of her coins.......she is from Nazi Germany....and was a professional dancer that entertained Hitler. She was a very interesting woman to talk to till she got alzheimers and turned into a veggie. It sucks. She has things at home that were signed by Hitler. My freakin brother inlaw is gettin that stuff. Ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This is my sons PC and he does not even want me on his PC. Everytime I save something he deletes it.
  8. I have to set up MY pc before I can put up photos. I have the Krause book but it only goes back to 1901. I have a few other poat 1901 that I can't that find yet too. However I did find most of the ones I inherited. None that appear to have much more value than 10-20 usd. However I am really hooked now. I am even giving up heavy drinking to pay for this hobby.
  9. I have a batch of pre 1900 world coins that I can't identify. Does anyone know of some FREE websites that can help me?
  10. I don't think its ugly at all. Right now it is my favorite coin. I like it ALOT.
  11. Thats interesting because aluminum pwder is used in explosives. Works great for making an M-80........I am talking about the real thing not that crap they sell at fireworks shops. Aluminum powder is also very toxic. So maybe I can figure out away to drop an aluminum coin into some acetone by remote control to see what happens.
  12. No problem so far but I am just getting warmed up.
  13. I showed her my 1970 10 MARKKAA coin and she liked it very much however she did ask .....how much I paid for it. I just have to put my coins in a new holder that does not have the price and I think we will be just fine. Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. My wife got a summons for jury duty. Hope she gets one of those extremely long trials that keeps her away for several months or a year. Then I can have some real fun.
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