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  1. Happy New Year everyone from Wales
  2. Normal coins (like modern coins that I don't seriously collect, or the tons of Yugoslavia, Spanish pre-Euro, etc. coins that I get in bulk lots) are kept in zip-lock bags which are grouped together by country/continent in a file binder and kept on a bookshelf. Coins that I actively collect (My British monarch collection (so far at Charles II), my Swiss collection, US collection, Commonwealth collection, etc.) or coins that just seem pretty are kept in coin albums or in 2x2s. Proof sets and Bullion are kept in a big chest thats tucked away in a safe corner, generally when showing people some coins from my collection I never show them whats in the chest, only the stuff in my coin albums or file binders. Banknotes are stored in a delft tin box that looks almost like this one Even though I like collecting banknotes, I don't have one thats valuable enough that can't be placed in the tin box. And for safety, my collection is guarded by my three tiny yet ferocious dogs (Well...one is insane, the other two just have a strong bark). But since I'm away for university currently, everything I buy goes in to a coin album or in 2x2s which are kept in a tin box.
  3. Its under the google ads to the right side of your screen right next to the rss feed button :)its now called "View New Content"
  4. As some of you might know (especially those who lived in the middle east) Eid is a 3 to 4 day celebration that takes place twice a year in the muslim calendar, once after the holy month of Ramadan and again after 70 or so days. During Eid people hand out money to kids, young relatives (young as in 21 and younger, but some choose to give money or as we call it "eidiya" to all their grandchildren/nephews/nieces no matter their age) and the poor. People also wear new cloths, visit relatives and friends, visit cemeteries to pay their respect to deceased relatives/friends etc. etc. Generally during eid, kids wake up early in the morning and do the same thing as people in the west do during Halloween, but instead of monster costumes they were new cloths, and instead of candy they go door to door receiving money usually in the form of coins, for lunch they gather at a relative’s house, were they sit with family, play with their cousins and get more "eidya" from their grandparents, aunts, uncles, elder cousins, great uncles/aunts, etc. (families in the middle east are usually very close....2nd cousins are like 1st cousins, thus these gatherings tend to have a lot of people). The amount of "ediya" they get from their family depends on the level of society they are from, example in huge upper-middle or high class families the young ones get 90 to 130 BD ( $239.36 to $345.74) + what they got let’s say "trick or treating" Anyway the coins these kids get accumulate and are a real pain for grocery stores (we call them cold store's) because they are flooded with coin's from kids who buy toys, snacks, candy, etc. Today while taking my young cousins to a store I overheard the clerk talking about having too much coins and since being over 13 (I’m 19 currently) I stopped going "trick or treating" a long time ago...and missed hoarding all those coins (yes I'm a nasty hoarder...I like shiny coins :<) so I offered to buy 20BD worth of coins, Gave some to some random kids I saw and some to my small relatives. Upon returning home (Just got back 3 hrs ago....at 2am or so....yea these family gatherings last that long , what can I say I have a lot of relatives) I inspected some of the coins and found 2 interesting ones. Here's a 2 pic's of the coins + a normal coin, marking the errors (If someone would let me know what type of errors they are I'd appreciate it): Over all it was a great day, my total earning's (less the amount I gave to kids and plus the amount of coins I had left over from the "purchase") was Bd112ish i.e. almost $300, Not as much as I used to get as a kid but the amount doesn't really matter tbh, I enjoyed catching up with my cousins, some of whom I haven't seen in a long time since they either live in the uk / us or australia or are currently studying in another country The coins are most likely going into my "capsule" which will be opened hopefully when I'm 30. (Got 3 capsules.... they are slightly larger than soda cans... all filled with loose change) P.s. Sorry for the long post, kinda got carried away Basiclly I just wanted to share some knowledge and at the same time ask if anyone can indentify the errors, I think I have a few similar errors in the smaller denominations in my collection of local coins, will have to check them when I'm free)
  5. roaddevil


    To clarify what ccg said, in the US coins are minted inverted, that is when holding a coin like the cent straight up depending on which side your looking at you'd either see Lincoln's head as it will normally appear or a monument, Now when you turn the coin it's other side will look upside down....this is not an error and it is not unique.
  6. roaddevil


    Both are common dates, I'd reckon $0.10 to $0.30 for the 1944D cent and $0.20 to $0.40 for the 1919 cent, it's hard to make out the grade from the pictures so my assumption is that the coins are graded Fine. The above values were obtained via google research and a coin collecting catalog.
  7. I'm not an expert on grading, however I remember reading somewhere that one should always grade a coin using its weakest side, in this case I'd say the reverse due to the green spots. Here are the prices for the various grades of the 1967 six pence according to the 2010 edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins: 240,788,000 were minted and they value from $0.10 in Very Fine, $0.20 in Extremely Fine and $1.50 in Unc. I hope this helps.
  8. roaddevil


    Welcome to the forums! You have a nice collection, especially like the "Eid Al Malam" 1979 one and the 1975 FAO issue which has a nice observe design, Thank you for sharing the pictures.
  9. In the asylum for the past 3 weeks , other than that took a break from the hobby for the past 2 years due to my last year in school and my first year in university (got skipped a year) + joining AIESEC a non-profit organization, But as I told the guys and M in the asulym,
  10. Count me in, Its always fun getting random coins from europe to shift through since most are hard to get here.
  11. In my case the initial spark happened when my mother gave me here small collection of leftover travel change and I was encouraged by a friend who used to collect. This plus support from almost everyone in my family from aunts, uncles, my grandmother, cousins and especially my dad, helped me get hooked to collecting. Most of the information I know though is from researching and the net. The coin that got me started was a 1950 East Africa King George VI One Shilling, Being a leo, I fell in love with the lion on the reverse.
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