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  1. I'm running a little behind on this. Here are two recent Featured Articles: From December 4, 2018: Kalākaua coinage A set of silver coins of the Kingdom of Hawaii dated 1883, authorized to boost Hawaiian pride by giving the kingdom its own money. They were designed by Charles E. Barber, Chief Engraver of the United States Bureau of the Mint, and were struck at the San Francisco Mint. The issued coins are a dime (ten-cent piece), quarter dollar, half dollar, and dollar. Gorgeous coins. I don't have any. I am a big fan of Barber's designs though.
  2. Love the Bicentennial! Must've been a fun time!
  3. These must've been worth more than your typical $1 chip.
  4. Gaming? How were they using these tokens?
  5. Hey, welcome! Have you found a coin club or coin show nearby?
  6. I agree! I haven't searched a roll in a decade probably, very much because I think everything is picked over! I doubt I'll ever see a wheatie in circulation again
  7. And I'm about to close my accounts at a brick and mortar bank.
  8. Tots isn't exactly a booming town anymore: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totz,_Kentucky
  9. Welcome! I personally can't tell you anything about that note but I bet somebody here can!
  10. You forget I live in America where a building built before 1900 is relatively rare.
  11. It's funny to think of insurance companies way back in the 1850s.
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