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  1. I agree! I haven't searched a roll in a decade probably, very much because I think everything is picked over! I doubt I'll ever see a wheatie in circulation again
  2. And I'm about to close my accounts at a brick and mortar bank.
  3. Tots isn't exactly a booming town anymore: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totz,_Kentucky
  4. Welcome! I personally can't tell you anything about that note but I bet somebody here can!
  5. You forget I live in America where a building built before 1900 is relatively rare.
  6. It's funny to think of insurance companies way back in the 1850s.
  7. Lots of Michigan tokens (though I just now see your location...)
  8. thedeadpoint


    Peace Dollars are one of my favorite series. I'm jealous of this great find!
  9. Tell us more about this, please. Here in the Washington, D.C. region, we have the world's largest Ethiopian population outside of Ethiopia. I can spot an Ethiopian a mile away. I know their country's history is one of the most robust and distinct on the continent, especially in the middle 20th century. I enjoy learning about it whenever I can.
  10. Jeez!! How did they keep track of them!
  11. Whoa! Is the memorial design "raised", i.e. above the surface of the coin? Or is it recessed, i.e. into the coin?
  12. Found this question in another part of the forum:
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