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  2. Per the Richter catalog- H: Common: more than 50 specimens available. Important: See also "Market availability". R: Rare: <50 specimens available. RR: Very Rare: <25 specimens available. RRR: Extremely Rare: <5 specimens available. RRRR: Unique UN: Unknown. Most probably medals have been struck, but so far, no medal has appeared on the market. Based on my 38 years of collecting and my Father's 56 years of collecting, the specific number values above may be somewhat fluid.
  3. This thread has been very very interesting to read! Thank u all! As for “Tom” joining in on the conversation a decade later - just like me, then I think it’s made it all the more interesting - to be perfectly honest! Oooh I hope the original post writer comes back to check one day! Lol But anyway... 😋 Now, the reason I’m here was to find out a bit more about a coin like has been described here! Mine is a French coin & has one of these hidden compartments in it too... But I don’t have a clue of who my picture is meant to be of, inside...???
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  5. I have been left over 200 coins by my granddad many are gold many silver most English old new, henry 8th silver hammie., 1 tenth of sovereign 1839, I will take some pics later ,and hope there is someone who can help many thanks
  6. hi to al members 1st time here
  7. Hi I have a gold 2 pound coin and it has ismbard kingdom brunnel around edge but the stamping of his name nearly ends up on coin, I bought from the royal mint .This really is a bad coin,,
  8. AUCTION ENDS WHEN BIN IS REACHED OPENING BID: $0.01 BIN: $7.00 FREE SHIPPING ND Iraq 5 Dinar 1944 France 5 franc 1938 Netherland 1 gulden 1987 Peru 10 intis ND Brazil 1000 cruzados ND Brazil 1 cruzados Pic of the 1944 French 5 franc note
  9. What is the composition of the larger “so called” dollar?
  10. Another return key to owner tag,this one from Canada
  11. Very nice. A beautiful coin and great addition to your collection.
  12. first MS70 coin for my collection i have, the coin looks nice and caught my notice so i had to have it
  13. Awesome! Is it for your personal collection?
  14. Very nice! Is that the first MS70 Panda you've gotten?
  15. well this is a 2015 PCGS MS70 China Silver 10 yuan Panda i bought two days ago https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO6Ukzr5ODgNzY6U0WSGm1nfKH4as8ckmG1NqZK24BmAVSa5beY4Gz6KIo90GU2xQ?key=SXBvSGZPbEZvQnItVnJIa1REakYxOWwwRzBaUG53
  16. BEAUTIFUL. Remind me again what the H rarity designates? More or less rare than "R" (etc.)?
  17. The reverse legend on this one translates as `the night brings games and pleasures'
  18. Thank you for your evaluation, Dwight. Glad to hear you found book etc. helpful. Happy hunting for interesting coins!
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