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  1. just want to hear peoples thoughts on this penny . if you zoom in on the S and W u can see it
  2. i am not a coin collector but i am confused because half say its the 3.1 gram penny thats rare the other half say its the 2.5 . i went to a coin shop and the owner told me its not worth getting graded and didnt offer me anything for it. then another shop told me he would give me 20$ for it as is but not worth grading. where can i find a honest coin grading place
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1epi4K-aIYFqiEg-BjYErSdaDNlyILXLM/view?usp=drivesdk pic of the weight
  4. i weighed it just now at 2.5
  5. Second 1982-D Small Date Copper Alloy Lincoln cent discovered. A second 1982-D Small Date homogenous copper alloy Lincoln cent has been discovered. Like the original discovery coin this latest find is also graded AU-58. According to the PCGS label it weighs 3.07 grams – close enough to be within a reasonable tolerance.May 2, 2019
  6. ok i am positive this is the real deal. weighs 2.5 i weighed it wrong before and has the right 2 in 1982 what do you guys think
  7. moek

    1946 s nickel

    has anyone seen a 1946 nickel with the S above the building in the back of the coin i thought the war silver nickels stopped in 1945?
  8. whats everyone thiughts ..
  9. does anyone know what error this is 1967 penny
  10. moek

    1982 d small date

    is this what you mean
  11. looking for anyones opinion on this penny if its the larde date or small date
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