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Found 13 results

  1. there is an error above in God we trust and the d is filled in is this worth anything
  2. 4 years of research on more than 11000 specimens of the most mysterious currency of the 21st century. The currency struck in Finland in 2002 at 70,000,000 copies with the letter (s) on behalf of Greece. This 2 euro coin has managed to divide many collectors and valuers. It is a mystery that small and big mistakes were found between coins from the same matrix and the same mint in our great research we have found up to now 3 coins with the most weird and big mistakes and we present them to you .... stay connected The investigation continues
  3. When going through a coinroll, I used my Endoscope to look at the lettering of the 1973 when I noticed a strike through and a bump on the edge of the wing going through the S and U and touching the top of the B in the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" of the coin, Is this an error or damage to the coin?
  4. I found this coin and I’ve figured out its one of the 2009 formative years Lincoln penny. It is flattened and larger than a normal penny but has a lifted/raised rim like you would normally expect, except that some of the words like United States are larger and backward with the others like on the reverse where it says in god we trust to be missing except for the very top of the letters which are right next the the rim. On the reverse a lot of the details are worn as well and you can see the inner metal (nickel? I don’t really know) in some parts. Let me know what you think happened to it, I’m
  5. Hi there everyone, I'm very unfamiliar with coin collecting and value so have a question about what I think is an error and wether it makes this coin more valuable.. I have inherited an 1983 Olympic Dollar .900 fine silver proof edition coin which I understand aren't very valuable - it is still in it's original box, though unfortunately the adhesive holding the cardboard sleeve together aged and split meaning the coin has oxidised a little. I've just noticed though, that that the die of the bald eagle on the reverse of the coin is upside down to the discus thrower on the obverse. I've loo
  6. Any collector who loves coins of 2 euros maybe knows the fame that exists around the greek 2 euros witch represent an ancient scene of the rapture of europe From zeus who is transformated into a Bull. The year of 2002 the cutting of the one part of these coins took place in Athens and the orher part in Finland.The coin that were cut in Finland had above one of the stars the english letter of (S). Some collectors found that these coins had a bunch of small mistakes in some other more metal in the chest of europe the fenomenon that Is called (bikini), and in some other small alterations in
  7. Hello to all members 1862 VICTORIA D.G. BRITT: REG: F:D: ONE CENT coin This coin belonged to my grandfather's collection ... It was gifted to him by a collector friend in Germany years ago ... now it belongs to my own collection .... oldvaluestuf@gmail.com
  8. Hello, I have recently received this 2018 Cumberland Island quarter and think I have found an error or post mint damage. I want to hear other people’s options about this. The first picture is the Cumberland Island Quarter with the border running through the date. The second picture is a regular 2018 quarter. Thanks
  9. i have a 270 degree rotated 5 rupees coin of hyderabad mint and the year is 2001,also its edge is half reeded and other half is security edge,what is its value
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yIydHhTpqEt1d_WpLVZ9q7lwlV8CovS8/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ejqMS_wybvqccIVUowlkGBlzGK6XIFj7/view?usp=drivesdk The coin kinda reminds me of the 1976 quarter. Anyone seen this before?
  11. Hi is this a form of doubled die on this circulated Lincoln cent? any information Greatly Appreciated Thank You
  12. 2010 India 2 rupee error/variety coin I need expertise on this error coin. It is Progressive Indirect Design Transfer (PIDT) or die clash or? There are "Ghosting" on both sides as shown in the pictures Here you can see the hand, finger and the 2. Here the top have some india wordings and the logo in the middle. This photo doesn't show clearly. As compare with the normal same coin on the right, the rounded edge somehow have a line cut.
  13. Dear Coin People, I have found a British 1976 error coin. Instead of two pence there is written "new pence". Look forward to hearing from you soon.
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