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Just gathering information on ICCS. From what I can understand, they are rather accurate with their grading. Over at CU people have had success crossing their grades to companies like PCGS, NGC, etc.


Does anyone know what their rates are? If at all possible, I'd like to stay away from calling them for now.


Do they accept submissions from the U.S. (not coin wise)? Or do they only do coin submissions originating from Canada?


Turn around time?


This is just in case I run across a very nice coin I want graded. :ninja:

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I think it's currently $15/single, drops to $6 with 100 submissions. Turnaround is somewhere around 2 months currently.


Submissions can be from anywhere (I think), but you'd have to watch the customs declaration. Also note that you'd be paying for insured mail both ways, so it'd be extremely costly for one coin.

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