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Removing red spots on gold coins


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I'm not too sure how to do it, but I'm sure Ageka will be able to fill you in with the details. Ageka seems to describe a list of acids that you can play around with but something that I dare not describe yet. But remember, you have to determine what exactly the red spot is, either bad copper mixing or traces of silver, which procedures differ.


Yes, I have seen palladium emus for sale actually this year, but that is if you have more than 1 grand AUD to spare. I still curse myself in not getting one when they were just 600AUD a few years ago.

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Thanks, I've e-mailed her.


I like this forum a lot.  Great format.  My Assistant is very helpful.




First red spots have been repeatedly reported on new proof german coins because of silver contamination whilst the rounds were made in austria

On these german coins the analyses was done by a german university


Red spots are also repeatedly reported on 9999 proofs from the french Monnaie de Paris ( origin not determined )


Of course yellow and red spots seem to favour older chinese coins ( origin not determined )


1) everybody on the german coinforum seems to agree the spots do not reduce the value of the coin


2) assuming all the spots are silver contamination ( which was only investigated and proven on the german proofs ) the spot was silver contamination on the gold round before coinage therefore it is likely that removal will damage the coin

probably by leaving a bland or non lustrous spot either by restoring or removing the silver


Therefore up to now nobody has dared to try and remove the spots and report about it


Techinically it is simple since the spot probably is nearly pure silver you put it in a coin dip for silver which cannot harm gold anyway ; but I think it will leave a dull spot

So I desisted touching the coin with any acids ( none of the solvents worked )


All the above is only true for 999 gold

On 900 gold the copper will be attacked and the gold will look yellow

( I had 900/1000 coins with oxidated copper , but that were green spots and two days in acetone made the spots fall off )

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Vielen Dank, gxseries und ageka!


I recently sold this coin with red spots (1996 1 oz 100Y gold Unicorn) to someone (disclosing the spots in advance) who wants to use it as a pendant for a birthday gift for his daughter. I was reluctant to try to remove the spots myself, as the coin is in excellent condition and I was afraid I would damage it. I'll pass your info along to him.


Thanks again!

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