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iccs graded coins make an offer

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Just acquired a large lot of iccs graded coins, I will post the coin, grade and Canadian catalogue price. Any and all offers will be entertained, payment by paypal, cash, money order or will consider trades as well.I can send scans of coins by email, just pm me with your email if you would like to see any. Thanks :ninja:


1 cent:

1940 ms-64 red $50

1942 ms-63 red $90

1946 ms-64 red $65

1947 ms-64 red $60

1947 maple leaf ms-64 red $95

1947 ms-65 red $150

1950 ms-63 red cameo $65

1950 sp-64 red $200

1954 shoulder fold ms-64 red $65

1955 shoulder fold ms-65 red $100



1943 tombac victory nickel ms-64 $40

1951 commemorative ms-64 $25

1959 ms-65 $75


10 cent:

1958 ms-65 $35

1965 ms-64 heavy cameo $20


25 cent

1967 cougar ms-64 $20


50 cent:

1965 ms-64 $12

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