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50th MSNS Spring Convention --


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The annual SPRING Michigan State Numismatic Society show will be held April 7, 8, 9 in Dearborn at the Hyatt Regency, as usual.


This is also the ANA weekend, so this will be a smaller show, about 150 to 175 dealers. That means that buyers are more than welcome and have more leeway (and footroom) on the bourse floor.


In addition to the Bourse and Exhibits, there will be club meetings and an Educational seminar. The Educational forum will be on the topic, "Fakes, Frauds and Phonies."


To find out more about the MSNS click on MSNS Website .

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So what's the egg all about, Burks?  It's been itching at me.


Some stupid pet is supposed to hatch on March 1st. Have no clue what it will look like or anything. Found out about it off some site.

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