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the "other" decimalization sets


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Everyone is familiar with the hideous little blue wallet* issued from 1968-1971 to introduce the new decimal coins, but did you know there are a couple other sets that were issued during this period.


the first one, I assume was 1968, as it only has the 5p & 10p (both dated 1968), along with the bronze pieces that were minted from 1968-1971 (with the date of 1971).




the second one was issued later, presumably 1969, as it also includes the 50p, which was introduced in 1969 (to replace the 10/- note), also has same coins as above set.










*as a side-note, the Isle of Man also issued a similar wallet, white in color, with all 6 coins (including the 50p), all dated 1971. I am still watching to see if I can discover if any of the other Channel Islands issued anything similar.

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I have his site book-marked, just can't find the bookmark :ninja:


I had so many bookmarks for coin collectors & dealers, that I made an html page with hyperlinks for them all, and have lost that html page somewhere on my hard-drive.


but thanks for the heads-up. I hadn't really thought to just ask someone. I monitor eBay (several of them, including .com, .ca, .uk, .au, .de, etc) watching for them as I also watch for any variations to any other modern RM packaging. I once saw a 1988 BU folder that was a special package to celebrate Austalia's centennial (yes, UK coins), but have never seen one since, and now I am wondering if I just imagined the whole incident. But, I keep looking, just in case.

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Here you go;




If i'm not sure of something Kuhli, i go straight in and ask, it gets you results far quicker. Plus has the additional benefit of helping you to pool resources into more profitable areas. Time spent searching for something that doesn't exist will be time spent missing something else that you would have liked! :ninja:

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