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Yes I am rich!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!


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Nowadays, as Russian coins are screaming at ridicious prices, thanks to the hot market, so are ridiciously poorly made counterfeit coins.


So... let's take an example of something very expensive!


Auction Link


And look at what I have:




So... does that mean that my coin is worth that much? :ninja:


I doubt it - mine is a copy and such rare coins are often only found in Russian museums or in rare coin auctions. ;)


What does this mean? Perhaps, it is the coin-o-mafias that are at work, producing massive amount of counterfeit coins. I personally don't mind them being sold - that is if they are "reasonably" priced, or cheap enough to be affordable. But what honestly pains me is how people on scambay are paying excessive for obvious counterfeit coins.


Taking the example of another two here:




And so on from the same seller.


What I personally would like to see is that there are some faithful productions, like what Ken Potter does. Ken Potter's link


Although they are faithful productions, and properly labelled as "copy", this is what I call a reasonable product. It seems that scammers are winning at the moment and there is little point of trying to educate the public. Scammers have their items listed as private and hence, you cannot even contact the buyer.


Instead, what I suggest is the most evil but probably much effective, that is to flood the market with cheap reproduction coins to beat the coin-o-mafias. I know, it is a complete nonsense, but I would rather see such reproduction coins rather than someone bidding on a coin for several grands, only to know much later that it is a counterfeit coin, which is never a happy ending.


What are your opinions?

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I believe these are meant to deceive. The text does not say they are genuine, it does not say they are copies. These should not be allowed on Ebay as they deceive people with a play on language and Ebay rules.

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