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2005 Belarus 20 Roubles & 1 Rouble Usyaslau


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33.62 g

.925 Silver

diameter - 38.61 mm

Mintage: 5 000 pcs


Placed in circulation on December 28, 2005.


S.P.Zaskevich (Belarus).

Minted by:

State Enterprise "Lithuanian Mint", Vilnius, Lithuania

The coins are round. The rim is raised on both sides of the coin. The edge of the coins bears inscription «УМАЦАВАННЕ І АБАРОНА ДЗЯРЖАВЫ» (STRENGTHENING AND DEFENDING THE STATE).

The obverse:

in the center – reconstruction of Cathedral of St. Sophia built during the reign of Usyaslau of Polatsk; at the top - the relief of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus; along the rim inscription - "РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ" (REPUBLIC OF BELARUS); at the bottom - year of issue, (silver coin - alloy standard) and face value «20 РУБЛЁЎ» (20 ROUBLES) - on silver coin and «1 РУБЕЛЬ» (1 ROUBLE) - on copper-nickel coin.

The reverse:

the relief effigy of Usyaslau of Polatsk, to the left of it - conventionalized image of the wolf at the background of the solar disk, which symbolizes supernatural abilities of Usyaslau of Polatsk; in the left-hand part along the rim - inscription «УСЯСЛАЎ ПОЛАЦКІ» (USYASLAU OF POLATSK) and years of his reign «1044 – 1101».

Silver coins are of the "proof" quality, copper-nickel coins are of the "proof-like" quality.

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