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Kennedy roll search


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I decided to do some Kennedy half roll searching for the heck of it - picked up 25 rolls at the bank. Didn't find anything really remarkable, but I did get a few saves.


Here is the one silver I found - a 40%



Two 1983 and one 1984 "no FG", actually these are more like weak FG - a result of over zealous die polishing as I understand.



Three 2002 (1P, 2D), notable because of a low mintage (3.1m and 2.5m, respectively) and because they were not released for circulation, according to the Redbook - I wonder though as I have received them before.


Quite a few hole fillers for a circulated set I am assembling (my second).


That's about it except for a large number of neckline die cracks. I wrote about several of these a while ago - all 1998.

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So here are some more from 1998...





...and from 1995...





...and 1996...



...and 1997...



...and 2002.



It just seems very odd to me. All in all, I found at least 20 examples, mostly 1998 and 1995. I certainly realize that these are minor hairline die cracks and they do not command a premium. But I can't think of another series, modern or otherwise, where the same general die crack is occurring over many years. You would think that some modifications would be done to the die to relieve that stress point.

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I have about a half roll of 97-P with the same die crack. They would be almost unnoticable except for the fact that I kept seeing the same line over and over from the neck. I saved them I think, though I can't remember where I have them now. The 2002s are a nice find, these do get out occasionally, I've found several 1987 P/D over the years, as well as a dozen or so S-mint proofs.

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