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quick price check


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`$2 F....$15 Unc.



Thanks, Ray. That's the same price as my 2002 edition says. In over 5 years of scouring eBay and the internet, this is only the 2nd piece I have seen (no, it isn't on eBay). The first one was in a complete set of Yugo coins, which included all 4 "key dates", and the final bid was over $300, which was out of my budget. With this one, I will have 2 of the 4 "key dates". I wonder how many more years I will have to wait to fill those holes.

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I've got a hand full of coins from yugoslavia, are there more key dates?



5 para 1981 (mintage 630,000)

50 para 1974 (mintage 33,000)

2 dinara 1975 (mintage 92,000)

5 dinara 1977 (mintage 922,000*) *it's believed that this figure includes some 1978 dated pieces



I have the 5 para (glued to a cardboard holder "year set" issued by a Croatian coin dealer in 1981), and now I have the 2 dinara. Still looking for the 50 para (THE KEY COIN) and the 5 dinara.


There are a few other holes in my collection, but those are just a matter of tracking down and buying them. (a few pieces from the late 90's)

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For a split second I thought I had one :ninja: but then I saw it was the wrong denomination ;)


10 para : 1965 3x, 1974

20 para : 1965 3x, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980

50 para : 1965 2x, 1977, 1990 2x

1 dinar : 1953 alu, 1965 alu, 1965 CuNi 3x, 10, 1981, 1982 2x, 1983 2x

2 dinara : 1972, 1973 2x, 1982 2x

5 dinara : 1971, 1973, 1982

10 dinara : 1955, 1977

20 dinara : 1955

50 dinara : 1988

100 dinara : 1987

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