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The Stuff That Notes Are Made Of


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The "stuff that notes are made of' touched a real nerve. i collect Philippine WWII "Guerilla notes", that were printed on ANYthing they could find to print them on. There is quite a collector market for these now, and some, from remote islands...or mountain provinces, command a pretty hefty premium. Show me yours, and i'll show you mine!


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Thanks, Tiffibunny, for the link and the story.


PaulDean89945, how do you know a genuine one? That has been a problem for me ever since I saw an advertisement for these about 1999. I think that was from Foothills or Joel Anderson. I understood the supposed history. I knew from other sources about men from U.S. businesses caught in the Philippines who created ad hoc currencies of receipts and promises. However, the lack of any formal catalog has been a barrier. Given the huge markets in fakes, how would you know a genuine one?


By comparison, here in the States, we have these so-called "Confederate" coins. Most are obvious junk. However, some are better, in copper or silver, and when someone who is now 30-something, finds this in their Grandfather's estate, they cannot be talked out of their beliefs. In those cases, however, we do have reliable histories of the actual, real, true, and only known examples of Confederate coins. With the Philippine guerilla money, I do not know of a standard.


We all learn all the time. I remember reading an ad in Coin World or Numismatic News classified at a coin store and asking what HTT stood for and not understanding what a "Hard Times Token" is -- but again, we do have books about them. The Philippines guerilla notes just seem to have popped up out of nowhere 50 years after the war was over ... like a Confederate States silver dollar.


It just seems to me that if mere possession of one of these could get you shot -- if you were lucky, you just got shot -- and if these were created by groups of men who were bandits under ANY government -- the claim for hundreds of types seems questionable.


Basically, I want to know more. Are there any catalogues?

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