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January Treasure Hunt (Doh! ENDED)

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Call it winners remorse but I feel I should explain what just happened. I shall do this not in hopes of being stripped of the win but in high hopes that we can have contests like this in the future... just need to be held a bit diferent.


This forum software does something the old software didnt. In the search, It seems to search the raw text in the posts, including attachment names.


I right clicked the treasure chest and viewed the file: http://coinpeople.com/uploads/1134925747/g...y_3_1_25269.jpg


Took note of the Attachment number: 25269 and did a search for that. Two posts showed up. This one and the winner.


My suggestion for these in the future is host the image offsite (I believe Stu did this with a couple before the crash).


I believe I already won a "Canadian Confederation Dollar" from Akdrv so when I recieve it I will give it away in a new contest.



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