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The Formula 1 Phantom Coin


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A few days ago I got the latest issue of the AASFN bulletin, about the new coins, stamps, etc. issued by San Marino. Not much about coins in there ... but when I got to page 38-39, I laughed hard.



The AASFN explains that the depicted 2 euro coin "25 years of Formula 1 in San Marino", and the infomation about it, is a fake. Heck, yes ... it all started out of fun.


In a German coin forum there was a discussion earlier this year about all those pre-auctions of coins that have not been issued yet, about images that the sellers "steal" from other sites, and about the Monaco/San Marino/Vatican hype. So somebody designed a pseudo-coin (using some Formula 1 theme medal), somebody else posted an image like this to the forum ...



... and wrote, "heck, what is that? A new SM coin?" (The name after "Drawings:" is an allusion to the user name of the designer and the forum.) Others replied that yes, this was probably the new €2 Formula One coin to be issued in 2005, and oh, interesting design, yadda yadda. This went on and on - and yes, it worked. :ninja: After a while there were some auctions like this one:



Of course all this was a joke, but apparently some people (possibly those who had already started their auctions ...) contacted the AASFN and asked about this coin. And the result - see above.





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