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Finland €2 commem 2005

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These coins are coming straight from the Mint's rolls. So while they are guaranteed UNC, they do have random bag marks. I have just shy of 2 rolls to sell, so feel free to order more than one if you wish.


€3 or $3.5 for 1 coin. If you order more than one, it will be a tad less per coin. I cannot say precisely, as it will depend on how many are ordered and your preference of postage options. I prefer cash for smaller amounts. Paypal is fine if you order more. Payment in kind will be considered so long as it is the kind that I want. :ninja:


Here is an image of the end coin from the roll which no one can expect to receive as it has some extra marks from the rolling/wrapping process. This has become a "wallet"-piece for me already.



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