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HI, Can you give me any info


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Hi Every one


i have a Farthing 1675 Charles II, in quite poor condition, it looks like one side of it has worn down past the rim, or has been clipped or somthing. i dont know anything about coins i just have a jack daniels tin full of them from sumwere for some reason (lol), all sorts, old pennys, egyption, spanish, coins with holes in the middle, the 1675 has always made me wonder and i did a bit of seahing and found out what it is, my question is is it worth bugger all (lol) ...





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Hi Daniel

All Charles 11 1/4ds are rare.

There are a few varieties and collected by specialists.(overdates,stops etc)

The fact you can read the date is something....often the Obverse is much clearer than the reverse.

The copper blanks were imported from Sweden.

Charles 11 copper farthings are a nice little set to collect but a devil

to get in good condition.


Worn copies are frequent on Ebay and even some peoples trash are other peoples treasure.

I'm looking at my latest farthing catalogue (about a week old)

The most common 1675 (BMC/Peck 528) is listed for sale £9.50 fair,£25 bold fine.

There are no better condition examples for sale....this says a lot about rarity and demand.

Hope this helps.

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Nice ones are rare because they are such a great looking coin.

Tin....I haven't seen one which appeals in years.


The old verdigris must have hit you hard. :ninja:


My great passion is for copper between 1672 and 1724.


Tin is for beans ;)

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