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Ink And Felt Mark On Bill - What % Is The Value Reduced By?


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From what I have read so far, if a banknote is graded it will just get a "Details" grade with a short blurb of what damage the bill has if there is handwriting of any kind on the bill.

I have the opportunity to buy a bill from someone, BUT, the bill has writing (a "75" to the right of the seal) and a red felt mark just touching the top of the 2nd last digit of the serial number and is about "2 digits' wide.

Question is, HOW MUCH percentage-wise is the value of a bill (in general) reduced by pen or felt marks? So far I have only seen it described as "Significantly", but are we talking 50%... 75%... more?

2023-10-03 17_24_26-Window.png

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