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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there everyone, I'm very unfamiliar with coin collecting and value so have a question about what I think is an error and wether it makes this coin more valuable.. I have inherited an 1983 Olympic Dollar .900 fine silver proof edition coin which I understand aren't very valuable - it is still in it's original box, though unfortunately the adhesive holding the cardboard sleeve together aged and split meaning the coin has oxidised a little. I've just noticed though, that that the die of the bald eagle on the reverse of the coin is upside down to the discus thrower on the obverse. I've loo
  2. I just received this coin from my grandfathers estate. I know nothing about coins. this coin has very few marks, has a good look, very little wear. I think it's 65 OR 66 in quality. What is the worth of this coin?
  3. Hello guys! Can you please give me your opinion what would be the value on this coin? 1856 EM Russia 1/2K NGC AU 58 BN
  4. Need someone's help! Please identify this ancient button (or medal(hard to say what it is exactly). Kindly also value it if you can. Thanks everybody in advance.
  5. i recently found 5 identical Russian gold coins from the year 1899. Can anyone tell me the value and some extra info on the coins?
  6. Morning, I recently bought a small collection of Pre-WWII and WWII banknotes and coins from a small militaria shop near to where I live. I was hoping that someone would be able to give me more information on the notes/coins, as I purchased them specifically because of the dates they were printed/minted. If someone could give me more information or even a value I will be very grateful. I have graded the notes as honestly and fairly as possible. I bought all of it for £10, and quickly bought them home and put it all into protective sleeves and cases. As I walked in he had just
  7. Hi, I have found a nickle on the streets and realized it has no face im wondering if its been scratched off or if it is print error, It is a 1972 nickle.Please give me any information or suggestions to find out if this is worth 5 cents or alot more... or if its just been destroyed.
  8. I found this coin going through some of my moms old travel things. She has a lot of foreign coins from her travels and this is one of them. She doesn't remeber where she got this from though. Where is this from and how much is it worth? Is it even real?
  9. Can anyone help me grade these? I inherited them from my grandfather
  10. Just joined after finding a small bag of older coins, many of them from other countries. What is the best way to find their worth or find someone I can trust to look them over. One man suggested I leave them with him for a week, but I did not feel comfortable doing that. One is 1960 second queen Elizabeth Hong Kong 1960 silver dollar! One looks to be a penny, copper, but much smaller. I think it says Gusta Adolfi with some kind of crown and a small number one in the center? Have a couple of what I think are Greek bills also? Thanks
  11. Hi I need some help / advice. I have a silver German East African 1 Rupie coin from 1892 It has Willhem II on front and Arms of the East African Company on the reverse. I have found out that this coin was minted 1890 -1902? & That 390,000 were minted? I cannot find out any more about them. I would like to know more of the history and also is it rare & what it's value is. Can anyone help? Thanks Avnoe
  12. hi everyone i recently managed to pick up a 1915H halfpenny but im not sure what grade to call it so if you could help me with a grade and value and also are they really as rare as everyone is telling me ? please help me with this coin thanks in advance.
  13. hi i have a 1939 sheehan/ mcfarlane ten shilling note it has a solid 666 in the numbers vf condition i guess what i want to know is does this devils number add any value to the note and if so how much? thanks in advance
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