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The 1843 Seated Dime You Need


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The 1843 Seated Dime like other dimes from the 1840’s had high demand, despite the large numbers very few exist today. Only 400 1843 10c are known and are evenly spread in condition until MS64, any finer and they become nearly unobtainable in choice original.

1843 10C MS64 OGH PCGS CAC




1*TK7p9yg_Eitak6SriKpYgw.jpeg1843 10C MS64 OGH PCGS CAC

The present MS64 encapsulated in an OGH is an uber original and has escaped modern dipping. Unfortunately, most 1843 10C are seen very dark and as such come with poor eye appeal, such as the last MS64 PCGS CAC also an OGH which sold for $2,056 05/16 HA 6 years ago and MS65 NON-CAC, whilst an attractive piece was non-CAC sold for $3,600 04/21 HA, more akin to today’s market. Today with a Price Guide of $2,250 we are confident this will sell for more especially given no CAC MS65 exists.




1*3M745-ofvHOfpQq57LnBmQ.jpeg1843 10C MS64 OGH PCGS CAC

Web — https://paradimecoins.com/

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