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Bit of a mysterious Chinese Xinjiang 10 cash - any Arabic readers?


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Been way backlogged in cataloging. This is one of the more interesting ones. Xinjiang has been on the news, mostly for negative reasons.

Xinjiang seems to be a rather exotic place to me. Coins issued in the early 1900s had inscriptions in both Chinese and Arabic which I wished I could read.  

Coin of interest is this:


Poorly struck but a better image can be seen here:


No year on this coin unless it's written in Arabic. I'm suspecting it was issued around 1910 - 1920s.

I would love to know what the Arabic text is. The Chinese text I believe is

中華民國 銅錢 - Republic of China Copper Money

當紅錢十文 - Copper 10 cash
新疆喀造 - Struck in Xinjiang Kashgar

The interesting part of this coin is if you rotate it around at a right angle, it reveals this


The characters of "中" & "民" can be seen.

A better quality can be seen here:


A likely candidate of the original host could be this:


or this


Catalog value of this coin may not seem to be high but trust me, this does not appear in the market often. On top of this, all the examples that I have seen does not seem to suggest that this is an overstruck example. The only overstruck Xinjiang example that I am aware is the Uighurstan 20 cash over Xinjiang 10 cash.

Some thoughts on this or some reference book I should be getting?

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Been doing some research - this does seem to be a rather uncommon coin. There is an example that shows that this is overstruck




But this is overstruck over a much earlier type.




I'm guessing that mine is struck on a later type of coin.


Pretty challenging!!!

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