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New US 1943 S 1/2 dollar mintmark variety?


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The 1943 S half dollar shown below in digital images appears to exhibit a mintmark of a heretofore unknown variety.  The only known variety is the last image illustrated below as it appears on the CONECA Webesite.  Any comments, opinions etc...always welcome.  Apologies for the quality of the images...with my cheap Rube Goldberg setup, it is the best I am able to manage.

                                                               Image 1                                                                                                                                   Image 2

HALF_DOLLAR_1943S_OBV.jpg         HALF_DOLLAR_1943S_REV.jpg


                      Image 3-Mintmark in correct orientation                                                                               



                                                      Image 4-Mintmark rotated 90 degrees CW



   Image 5-Mintmark rotated 180 degrees CW



                                                    Image 6-Minmark rotated 270 degrees CW



CONECA image of only known mintmark variety












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