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Now that my Waltham Vanguard has returned from the repair shop, I have an extra vintage pocket watch that I would like to sell. It's a Hamilton movement that was sold under the private label of A. Bloedel, a Milwaukee jeweler. I believe that it dates between 1910 and 1920. The stem is at the 3 o'clock position and it is lever set.


The case is a Crescent 25 yr. gold plate with a rear dust cover...the front pops open with a depress of the stem so that the setting lever is easy to access. There is very little wear on the case and no wear through or brassing. It has a nice embossed design on the reverse and a coin edge.


The movement is Hamilton, but I'm not sure of the model number. It's a 17 jewel movement and it keeps good time. The face has a couple fine cracks in the enamel that are not distracting.


I used this watch as a carry watch for about 6 months...it's very nice and can be used immediately...no work need be done.


Photos available on request...I'd like $250.00 delivered for the piece. PM me if interested.

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