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Rare old coins more than pocket change

Guest Stujoe

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"But he also has a full set of proof (commemorative) Indian Head 1-cent pieces, which were minted from 1859-1909. These are among the most popular and widely collected items by numismatists because of their aesthetically pleasing design in copper and reputation as a good-luck piece.


The most Burns has spent on one coin is $500."


It's inlikely that he has a full set of IHC proofs if the most he's paid for a single coin is $500. It's unlikely he has more than a few of the later date proofs, in fact, unless the per coin limit was much higher.


It's possible to assemble a set of IHC circs without ever going over $500 for a coin, but extremely unlikely to assemble much of a collection of proofs while sticking to that price per coin limit.

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