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Is this a doubled die?


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IMG_3820.jpgHi i have 1986 D Quarter dollar and 1979 D. As you see its not that smooth or anything beautiful in the coin. Well i noticed in 1979 Quarter the numbers on date in which to be specific is the number 7 and 9 looks doubled die? then in 1986 the mintmark so close to the hair and filled. Im not good at any error of coins im just new to it, And also on the reverse side of 1986 the letters i guess are thick,Even in obverse IN GOD WE TRUST they were all thick, I can't take a good shot its so tricky i only used my iphone. Look at the letter L in word DOLLAR it looks that the letter L was broken and the letter E in AMERICA is close to R with no space at all. Thanks for the help in advance guys. 


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Hmm... I can't tell from the pics, but maybe this site will help: https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/5688/Double-Dies-vs-Machine-Doubling/. It is a good breakdown of the difference between the rare double-die and the more common (but still uncommon) machine doubling. 

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