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1849 UNC Ruble [BUT] necklace mounts


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This coin came to me through my wife's family. They were wealthy before the Revolution, and managed to keep some of their valuables hidden through the early confiscatory stages of the Soviet state, and subsequently through the Siege of Leningrad. 

My wife's great grandmother had this piece mounted on a silver chain. The chain has been lost. I have no idea what is involved in "restoring" the edge.

In this condition, an unmolested example of this coin would retail between $2500 and $4000. Does anyone know if these mounts can be removed and what can I hope to price the coin at if I want to sell it? (we are selling some valuables to help pay our son's college expenses.) Am I nuts to try selling this on eBay?

(I have other pictures, but there's a limit to how much I can upload.)



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Aw man it's a real shame! Sadly regardless of how professional a jeweler may be, there will always be signs of the mount. It's essentially metal to metal bonding so it's impossible to hide signs of it.


I really don't know how to go about this. Because of it's condition, it might be better for the mount to be removed for the sake of numismatics. I am certain there will always be someone on ebay willing to buy it but it comes down to how much.

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Unfortunately, the charm of the object will be completely lost in the process, if the rings removed, unless their will be carefully filed away. I've seen some examples of jewelry coin-objects on the way of returning to the numismatic albums, that I personally would keep the intact objects, instead of paying someone to ruin it. Usually the jewelers remove them with heat, or high spin cuts that also create excessive heat and ruin the patina. IMHO, you would have to say "good buy" to patina and there is no warranty at all that the rings will come off without leaving the marks, that almost NEVER happen. Is there a point doing that?

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A sad state of affairs.  It seems like the nice coin is now jewelry.  it is interesting that it was probably converted when the coin was new, thus the good condition.,

Speaking of jewelry, i somehow managed to end up with a carved up poltina of about the same vintage. What is left of the coin is in excellent shape because it was carved when new.

Mine is like eBay item number:332135731461A at http://www.ebay.com/itm/1883-SILVER-RUSSIA-ROUBLE-IMPERIAL-EAGLE-CUT-OUT-ALEXANDER-II-COIN-ART-BROOCH/332135731461?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

Wish the news could be better for your coin.

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On 27 августа 2017 г. at 2:30 AM, savok said:

In this condition, an unmolested example of this coin would retail between $2500 and $4000

Sorry to say that, but this coin even untouched and in UNC condition would cost much less, probably around $700~$750.

Same coin in NGC MS63 was sold recently at Staraya Moneta forum for $870, and the specimen in full luster and in NGC MS65 holder was sold at ~ $2600.

Your coin (if not having chain mounts) would most probably get "UNC-details" due to surface defects and thus cost $500~$600.

So instead of ruining the coin completely as a result of removing the mounts, maybe it's better to keep it as a family value and historical artefact.

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