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This will piss you off- eBay mygrandfatherstreasurestash


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Warning This will make you mad

I bought wheat cent rolls from eBay seller http://www.ebay.com/usr/mygrandfatherstreasurestash and when I go to open it they were all filled with late wheat cents from the 1940s and 1950s. They were hand filled made to look like it's professionally rolled. I wasted a lot of money, very disappointed. I'm very mad. It's like I take your money and send you a much of late wheat cents in bad rolls. It's like  a smack to the face after getting robbed in my opinion 
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I've bought coins from eBay, mostly foreigns for my birth year set where circulated condition is just fine, or mid-range slabbed Ikes.  I don't think I would buy a really high-value coin over eBay, I'd want to see it in hand before pulling out my wallet — and I have trouble believing wheat rolls are really 'unsearched'. 

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Unfortunately that's very common when buying shotgun penny rolls on eBay. They bait the roll with a single IHP and the rest are 1940+ wheaties. I have had some luck on eBay though. I did get a 1909 and a 1909 VDB in two separate rolls. 

Any suggestions on where to get better quality penny rolls for a decent price? I'm always looking.

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