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Inherited some coins, identified them, now what?

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So I was given a some coins. I read about how to deal with this situation and decided I needed to identify them so I knew whether this collection is actually worth anything. It's not really my intention to be a collector, just to know what I have so I can get a fair price.


They came loose, so I've put them all in coin holders, like this:



I've identified them all, see my spreadsheet (you may add comments), I am confident I've done this accurately.

There's a tab with a few notes too. I've got a lot of stamps too but haven't done anything about that yet.



I've attempted to grade and value them, but I'm not very confident in the accuracy of this.


So what's your advice? Is there anything else I should do? Should I sell? What's the best way to sell? I'm in the UK if it matters.

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Well, there is a lot of bulk material. I wonder if the investment in coin holders makes sense for these.


If you want to sell them try to sell all as one total quantity. Otherwise people will pick the cherries out and you are left with a dead stock with scrap metal value.


Try to get as much as you can offers from dealers or collectors who had seen the material. Maybe there are some coin shows in your neighbourhood where you can contact many interested persons during few hours.



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