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1892 S Barber Half Dollar, some opinions?


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Hello all and thank you for taking the time to view this thread. I am new to coins but am a gold prospector at heart and I often collect anything relate to precious metals and sometimes find old coins while detecting. Recently a new pawn shop near me opened up and I went in seeing if they had any bullion for sale. The woman said she just received a bunch of 90% silver coins and I bought up all of her halves and dimes at a good price. When I got home I started looking at the coins more carefully and found this one stood out to me right away, after some research I believe it is a fairly desirable coin but that's all I can assume for now.


Its for sure a 1892 S barber half dollar that I would say is in very good condition other than the blemish on the shield where it appears someone probably soldered a loop or something to it at one time and now it has been removed. I understand that this would dramatically affect the value, but to my surprise when I took it to a coin dealer near me he quickly wrote it off as being worth melt value, around $6. I have a very hard time believing this and I was hoping for some opinions on this from others. Here are some photo of the coin, any input would be greatly appreciated!




DSC_5848 2.jpg

DSC_5849 2.jpg

DSC_5850 2.jpg

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