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Well, as far as coins I don't really have an area specifically, mostly whatever I happen to find as most of my coins come from sifting for silver from different sources or metal detecting in CA gold country. What really excited me is old bullion bars especially gold rush era. I mostly prospect for gold and detect for gold and hoards at old homesteads and find a coin every now and then. Nothing special yet but have found good gold on my claim and a old male gold wedding band at another site. Most coins I find are from the 40's to present as the early miners mostly carried gold to pay for what they desired. I have a friend who happened upon a Chinese coin once but don't remember the specifics of that coin. Im a collecter of all that glitters or has historical value I guess. :D

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The coins I recently purchased were all at close to spot silver, about 40 Roosevelt dimes, 40 or so mercs.. ( got them for $1.00 a piece) Also bought 6 90% halves, 1 Kennedy, 3 Franklin, 1 walking liberty and a barber (all $5.00 a piece). These are the first coins I've bought, otherwise I'm just collecting change over time and looking through it on a rainy day for the special dates or silver.

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