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Need help with this Mexican medal

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In 1873, Manuel Lozada, nicknamed "The Tiger of Alica" was about to invade Guadalajara, but on 28 January that year he was defeated by the forces of General Ramon Corona. I believe that it is Corona who is depicted on the medal.




I think I can see the initials A.C.M. if so this is the engraver.


MORIN, Anthony C. (fl 1849-60, died 1873) Early American
engraver, diesinker, chaser, seal engraver, Philadelphia.
Signed dies A.C.M. initials.

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Who is Andres Madrazo? This link appears to relate him to the Carlist Manifesto Spain, https://laalcarriaobrera.blogspot.ca/2008/03/manifiesto-carlista-de-guadalajara.html so what makes you think it is him?



How does the date on the medal, 1873 Jan. 28, relate to him?


That date does relate to the Governor & General Corona in Mexico, a google search for images brings a large number of them, a google search for Madrazo brings up just one picture and scant info, which seems to mean Corona is more likely depicted, especially with the date.


On 28 January 1873, at daybreak, began a bloody battle, near Mojonera, between his forces and about 1,400 men under Corona. Losada was routed, leaving over 3,000 dead on the field, while the rest of his troops dispersed. Next day Corona entered Guadalajara in triumph, after having saved that city from the army of plunderers, for which he was given the title of “Hero de la Mojonera.”




http://alchetron.com/Ramon-Corona-1165988-W a picture on that site.ramon+corona.jpg



This shows he is well remembered, 2016 http://allevents.in/guadalajara/homenaje-al-h-general-ramon-corona-madrigal/586630084817868


Just trying to help you, so any info re the above questions would be a help.

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7 Nov. 2006 World Exonumia Mail Sale
2424. High relief SILVER Medal, bust of General Ramon Corona right signed "A.D.M." on bust / Wreath around radiant star "Por la Mohonera
, Enero 28, 1873". The first battle between government troops and the insurgent Tepic Indians under Manuel Lozada was fought on Jan. 28 at Mohonera near Guadalajara. Lozada, who is recognized as the father of the modern Indian land distribution movement, was captured and shot in August. Grove-325a. Lot includes photocopies of four articles on Corona, Lozada, and this medal. 35 mm silver. Toned Unc. $100.00-125.00+Mexico. Medal for Suppression of the Tepic Indian Insurrection, 1873.


You will need to look closely at the initials to see if the middle one is C or D. There is no listing in Forrer for A.D.M. so if it is a D I do not know who the engraver is. Anthony C. Morin is reputed to have ceased working circa 1860 & died 1873 that is why I was trying again to find a reference for the medal, not easy!


Note, I highlighted the reference G(rove) not D.


Medals of Mexico: Volumes I, and II, 1821-1971
Grove, Frank W
Published by Frank W. Grove, Guadalajara,Mex. (1970, 1972)



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