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Hello From Louisiana

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Hello all.


I first started collecting coins when I was about twelve years old. I remember my mother and I were at a flea market, and for some reason a table of old coins captured my attention. I was amazed by the fact that something so old could be had for only a couple of dollars. My mother ended up getting me a 1900 Indian Head cent, because that was my grandfather's birth year and that got me hooked. I became a regular at the local coin shop, spending my allowance money on cheap Indian Heads, Mercury Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, etc. They were not the best coins but I didn't care. I would get the nicer coins for Christmas or my birthday, and relatives always seemed to find the odd old coin tucked away somewhere they would give me. Regretfully, I ended up selling my childhood collection soon after I got married and was moving overseas for awhile.


Fast-forward to the present, and now I have a thirteen year-old son of my own, who is a carbon copy of me at that age. On his own accord, he has now become interested in collecting, and I am going to help him build up a nice little one. Just like me, he likes the old Indian Heads and all, even if they are not in the best of shape. I have to admit that my own interest has been re-kindled after being out of the hobby for twenty plus years. Some things have changed, and some things I have forgotten, so I am hear to re-educate myself. My son has already accumulated a small collection, most of which were given to him by my father-in-law - coins he had squirreled away over the years. I look forward to being here, although I will likely be asking more questions than having any answers for others.

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