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Storing Coins in Plastic Pockets


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As I have explained in my introductory post, I am fairly new to coin collecting. I have been accumulating coins mainly euro coins for quite some time, and I am now planning to start storing them in plastic pockets.


My query in this regard is there any difference as to the quality of the plastic pockets used? I am mainly a stamp collector and when it comes to storage you read a lot about good quality acid free pages. Is there any similar issues with storage accessories for coins?


Actually I found some plastic pockets on ebay which are relatively cheap 5 pages (holding 42 coins each) for a little less than $4. Is this price normal for such pockets or shall I look at something of a better quality ?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Same as stamps, acid and pcv free very important. There are high quality pages and flips available and while more expensive the safety makes them worth it. Best of luck with your collecting.

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I use the plastic folder pages with cardboard flips for my world birthyear set; the flip doesn't need to be stapled or taped since the pocket will hold it closed. I haven't seen A4 sized pocket pages... but then I'm in North America where we don't use that size, so I'm afraid I don't know where to point you. But it is a very handy way to store your coins, since it allows you easy access and easy sorting.

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I always get mine at my local coin shop so I can't make any online recommendations. You can get a look at the sort of thing I'm talking about here -- please keep in mind that I'm only providing the link for the image, I haven't done business with this company so I can't speak to their pricing, delivery options, or the like, and I definitely recommend trying to find a local provider (online or physical store) or the shipping might be an issue.

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