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Old Books Library: Numismatics, Medals, Sphragistics (seals), History (incl. heraldry), GM collection.


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I invite you to visit the library of old books and leave your feedback here. My site presents thematic collections of old books, materials on numismatics, history, medals, sphragistics, heraldry, and the history, including the history of money circulation in Russia since ancient times: http://www.numistika.com/books.html

There is a separate "corner" material devoted solely to "Corpus of Russian coins" by Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich (VKGM, GM), and his collection: http://www.numistika.com/vkgm.html

In another "corner" there are materials provided by greatly respectable Mr. V. Arefiev, that can be useful to people interested in the history of Corpus of Russian coins, old books and the actual GM collection: http://www.numistika.com/contributed.html ... In the future I hope to cooperate with other authors in this section.

Some of the publications are extremely rare, and perhaps see the light in the public domain for the first time.

I want to express my gratitude for the positive support, guidance, and for the provision of additional books and materials donated by Mr. V. Arefiev.
This site is in English, it has a function of auto-translation through the google, and navigation should not be too difficult. Books presented there are in Russian, German, French, Latin and English. If you will be able to donate some of your interesting finds, I will gladly consider them for inclusion into this free library.

With respect to the Russian numismatic community,

Eugene Skobtchenko

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Thank you guys! Added a number of interesting books on history, medals and numismatic. There are some books in English and German as well (particular on medalists). Have fun browsing! In the last couple of month I think I became a collector of old books in PDF and forgot actual coins. :) It's a good distraction from anything in the world.

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