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Ex Confederate Cavalry Private's Tag circa 1890's

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I purchased this at a Buffalo, NY. coin show many years ago, along with others tokens from a dollar box of items. Never looked at it again till today whilst doing some organizing. What a pleasant surprise.


It is the counterstamped T B HOMAR which is of interest. Being such an unusual name I have been able to identify the man, Thomas B. Homar.




The medal was struck in 1880.



His spouse was Fannie L. Homar. He is listed on the original document as a carpenter.




During the Civil War he was in the Confederate 12th Cavalry Regiment [also called 10th Regiment] it was organized at Conrad’s Store, Virginia, in June, 1862, with companies from the 7th Regiment Virginia Cavalry. The unit served in W.E. Jones’, Rosser’s, and J. Dearing’s Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It fought in Northern Virginia, in the Maryland Campaign, at Brandy Station, then was involved in various conflicts in the western part of Virginia. The regiment continued the fight at Bristoe and Mine Run, in the battles around The Wilderness and Cold Harbor, and in Early’s operations in the Shenandoah Valley. During mid-April, 1865, it disbanded.

He is also listed in the Muster Roll of Twelfth Virginia Cavalry(Laurel Brigade), Army of Northern Virginia with Company A.
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1) How did you know it was stamped in 1880?

2) Why does it look like a backwards "30" to the right of the torch?

3) Conrad's Store (now Elkton) is relatively close by. I'll be near it in a couple weeks.

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The medal itself was struck in 1880 for the 1730-1880 Sesquicentennial of the Founding of Baltimore.


The counterstamped lettering must therefore have been after 1880 and, seeing as he was 57 in 1900, I opted for circa 1890's as a likely date for that.


Showing his name the right way up meant that the design is the wrong way up, which explains the upside down "30" and what appears to be a torch is the Baltimore War Memorial.




Enjoy your trip/visit TDP :bunny:

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