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Some error coins from Malaysia and Singapore + mystery?

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I was going through a batch of coins from Malaysia and Singapore. I wasn't expecting anything of significantly import since they are normal circulated coins. But I guess if you look hard - you might find something! Now this is more interesting as error coins from Singapore and Malaysia are not common. Malaysian error coins might be easier to find compared to Singapore.


Introducing Malaysian error coins -


Malaysia 1990 20 sen - mechanical doubling on "20"




Malaysia 2007 20 sen - doubling on 20"07", attempted correction on legend "NEGARA MALAYSIA" (?)






To be honest - I am stumped over this error. The doubling on the number "07" was easy to figure out however it seems that there is something going on with the legend. I have compared this to a normal 2007 20 sen to show that this is different. To me, it seems that there must have been some kind of error with the legend and there was attempt to correct it. This is where I struggle to understand - unless something happened during the reduction process, I cannot quite see how this problem occurred. Maybe someone can suggest something more probable?


And a couple of error coins from Singapore. To be honest - I nearly missed both of them since these errors are not obvious at all!!!


Singapore 1968 20 cents - rotation error




To illustrate this error, this is what a normal coin is supposed to look like.




I nearly threw this in a pile of "junk" lot to be sold as such. As of how I managed to figure out the rotation error... I guess it's luck.


Singapore 1990 50 cents - mechanical doubling






This also nearly went in a pile of junk lot. Since it had an ugly stain to it, I paid no attention to it. A quick 2 second look revealed that this has some mechanical doubling, which is not common on Singapore coins.


Please feel free to share error coins from Malaysia and Singapore. :)

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Very cool, GX. Several questions. First, how much value do errors command for collectors of Malaysia or Singapore coins? Second, what percentage of your collection (approximate) is each of those nations?

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Tough questions thedeadpoint. Malaysian error coins are somewhat interesting as around 2010, a huge batch of error coins appeared out of nowhere. It was suspected that a rouge mint employee created a batch of error coins and flooded the market. Multiple struck error, split planchets, double denominations etc all appeared at once. It has since died down. I would somewhat suspect that the value of Malaysian error coins would be worth something but on the lower end.


Singapore error coins on the other hand are actually quite uncommon to scarce. In fact, this is the first two examples that I owned and only seen a couple of other examples on the internet - both asking for absurd prices (not sold).


I'm not too sure what percentage of error coins that I have. I am guessing that I am lucky if it's 1% of my entire collection depending on the nations. I was in the middle of cataloging all the error coins that I have but never got around to it...

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From the larger picture, which shows many more letters affected(especially the M) it does look more like excessive die wear and/or improper die annealing causing the lettering to be thick and mushy, making some letters appear to be doubled, others as if over struck.

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