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Manchester Exhibition for Science and Industry 1875, gilt medal by Elkington

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Society for the Promotion of Scientific Industry, Manchester, 1875
Figure of Industry standing in foreground; beyond is a steam locomotive crossing a bridge and scientific apparatus.
By Elkington.
Gilded brass or base metal. 60 mm.108.6 gr.


Not sure what this. The exhibition prize medals of the same size and design had a laurel wreath to the reverse and occur in bronze and silver. Could this be an unawarded first prize medal?



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The only thing I could find that referenced a gold(Gilt?) version was pre-exhibition,


"Exhibition Of Appliances For The Economy Of Labour, 1875.— The Council of the Society for the Promotion of Scientific Industry, the head quarters of which are at Manchester, has decided to give gold, silver, and bronze medals for excellence and novelty in the various classes of exhibits at the Exhibition of Implements, Machines, and Appliances for the Economising of Labour, which is to take place in Manchester, in 1875. The arrangements for the exhibition are progressing satisfactorily, and space has been secured by many high-class engineering and other firms."


Plus this later advert, 1888, showing a gold medal awarded to the company in 1875 at the exhibition. https://books.google.ca/books?id=fHvNAAAAMAAJ&pg=PR11&lpg=PR11&dq=Manchester+Exhibition+for+Science+and+Industry.gold+medal+1875&source=bl&ots=wU71kUthBX&sig=QKafBRAg08iVRt2OGO8y4YpnL0o&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false



It would seem strange not to award gold medals for the top exhibitors, why the reverse is blank is open to conjecture. One possibility is that winners could order unifaced copies for display etc.


One more advert,Gold%202.jpg

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1875 Manchester Exhibition http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/1875_Manchester_Exhibition

The exhibition was held in a large temporary building erected on the Cheetham-hill-road, in one of the suburbs of Manchester. [1]. Opened on Friday 14th May

REPORT from the Manchester Evening News :-


'The following report of the Jurors has been published. In presenting this report to the Council of the Society for the Promotion of Scientific Industry the Jurors have to state that the medals and certificates of merit have been awarded after careful investigation for one or all of the following qualties—novelty, design, workmanship, and utility. As the Society's medals and certificates were limited to certain distinct classes, the Jurors have not been able to make awards, in all cases where they recognised merit. In the exhibits of Messrs. M'Naught andMessrs. Petrie of wool-scouring machinery, the Jurors desire to express their appreciation of the excellence of design and workmanship displayed in these machines. In the exhibit of Sir Joseph Whitworth and Co. the Jurors were not able to make any award, but they desire to express their appreciation of the value of the compressed steel shown in this exhibit.

'The Jurors recommend that the following awards be made by the Council of the Society:— http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/1875_Manchester_Exhibition



'Dodge and Co. file-cutting machine; Smith and Coventry, collection of screwing machines, bolt chasing machines, and lathes; Pooley and Son, collection of weighing machines; W. Furness and Co. collection of wood working machines, planing and moulding machines. Charles Harris, paper bag making machine; Leoni and Co. collection of atmospheric gas cooking stoves; Mirrlees, Tait and Watson (Weston's patent), self-balancing centrifugal hydro-extractor.

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Thanks Pat, I too could find little information. I like your idea of the uniface copy although why buy one and not have it engraved? It's fairly likely that the first prize medals were gilt, at 61 mm that would have made solid gold a trifle expensive.

Perhaps to frame and hang on the wall, or to incorporate in a paper-weight etc. Hence the reverse would not be seen.

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